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At Body & Soles, our therapists offer a wide variety of beauty treatments which can all be individually tailored to fit your personal requirements.  Here are some of our favourites:

All Decléor facials use only the purest plant extracts and essential oils. They are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. For sheer relaxation, a facial always begins with a 10 minute back massage.

AROMASSAGE - all skin types: 40 minutes £28.50;  60 minutes £35.00
Your therapist will soothe and relax your face with aroma essence oil. She will use techniques exclusive to decleor, applying gentle pressure with light sweeping strokes for complete and utter relaxation.

AROMAPLASTIE - all skin types: 60 minutes £38.50
The classic aromatic facial. This multi active 100% natural treatment is tailored to suit all skin types. Composed of a cocktail of vitamins, mainly vitamin E and B6 proteins, it offers the benefits of it's calming properties while moisturising and decongesting the skin.

HARMONY - sensitive skin: 60 minutes £38.50
Suitable for vulnerable skin, this facial restores balance and brings comfort and rejuvenation to the epidermis.

OXYGENATING - combination/oily skin: 60 minutes £38.50
A treatment which helps dissolve and eliminate impurities on the epidermis. Rejuvenates and balances dull complexions.

REVITALISING - mature skin: 60 minutes £38.50
Suitable for mature skin lacking in tone and firmness. This facial restores firmness, improving and redefining the contour of the face.

NUTRI VITAL - dry/dehydrated skin: 60 minutes £38.50
Suitable for hydrating and nourishing the skin this facial replenishes the skin's natural protective elements leaving it soft and supple.


These specific aromatic facials are ideal for problematic skin. Treatments provide an expert response to the needs of every skin type. Aroma Expert treatments offers a concentrate of highly targeted active ingredients with powerful properties.

AROMA EXPERTSOOTHE - sensitive skin: 75 minutes £48.50
Soothes extremely sensitive and reactive skin, a specific treatment that decongests, smoothes and refreshes the epidermis.

AROMA EXPERT LIFT - mature skin: 75 minutes £48.50
More than just revitalising, this treatment works on three other important areas of the skin i.e. skin tone, tissue rejuvenation and smoothing giving a lifting effect.

AROMA EXPERT PURIFY - combination, oily skin: 75 minutes £48.50
Intensive treatment which targets skin in need of deep cleansing tightens pores and absorbs excess sebum. This will improve the appearance of your skin.

AROMA EXPERT NOURISH - dry skin: 75 minutes £48.50
This treatment is specially formulated to satisfy the driest, dehydrated skin in need of comfort. This mask is a rich and complete “meal” for the skin

AROMA EXPERT ESSENTIAL - VERY Dehydrated skin: 60 minutes £48.50
This facial includes the new hydra force mask to intensively hydrate with pure water. Excellent for dehydrated skin due to environmental factors eg the sun or air conditioning.

AROMA EXPERT RADIANCE - dull uneven skin: 60 minutes £48.50
A radiant facial recommended for tired and uneven skin tones to brighten your complexion.

Body Treatments also available. 

Please telephone 0115 925 2771 to book your appointment.

(Prices correct 07 September 2012)


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