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Do you want to...
  • Stop Smoking?
  • Lose Weight?
  • Feel Positive?
  • Understand Your Feelings?
Hypnotherapy could help.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a altered state of awareness which can be associated with relaxation.  When your mind becomes open to suggestion your imagination can be used to make permanent and positive changes to your thought processes.

It is a state of consciousness that is different from both the normal waking state and from any stage of sleep, and yet it is a naturally occurring state that we will slip in and out of several times during the day.  For example when we are engrossed in a book or a film, and are not immediately aware of the phone ringing or someone calling our name.

When the hypnotic state is accessed, either self-induced, or with guidance, the unconscious mind becomes more alert and focused and thus receptive to positive suggestions and ideas.  In the hypnotic state it is possible to: recall previously forgotten events; replay negative experiences from your past and to improve your feelings about them; reprogram oneself to change bad or old habits and negative perceptions e.g. give up smoking, stick to a healthy eating plan or to increase confidence.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective tool that is free from drug dependency and side effects!  It allows you to regain focus and control over your life.

What Happens In A Session?

On your initial visit to Body & Soles we will spend some time getting to know each other and clarifying the reason for your visit.  Everything discussed in the session is strictly confidential and is conducted at a pace that is right for you.  The therapist will explain how hypnotherapy works and how it can help you.  We realise every client has individual needs so we will discuss an appropriate treatment plan that is right for you.

How Long Is A Session?

Our therapy always starts with a free initial consultation to discuss your individual case.

Subsequent treatment sessions will be approximately one hour long.

For More Information

Please contact our therapist:  Penelope Walton-Page  IPCAH HPD PNLP

Telephone: 0115 925 2771


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